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Flooding tips & advice


25 February, 2010 (19:22) | News | By: admin

Being prepared for a flood is always best when you live in close proximity to a stream or river. To raise awareness of flooding the Environment Agency, and the council have great web sites that give you advice such as, is my home at risk, preparing for a flood, understanding flood warnings, guidance for riverside […]

Motorists fined in Colnbrook


25 February, 2010 (14:57) | News | By: admin

Police issued numerous fixed penalty tickets and fines in Colnbrook on the 22nd of October. More than eighteen motorists were stopped and fined. Nine of these motorists were fined for breaching a prohibited access area. The other nine motorists were given fixed penalty tickets for speeding, and in 1 case, a motorist was found doing […]

Affected by noise?


25 February, 2010 (12:53) | News | By: admin

As residents of Slough Borough Council know, we deal with so much noise from various sources. One of the biggest causes of complaints in slough and surrounding areas is noise. Noise can be very annoying; it can cause stress and generally affect a person’s quality of life. In 2009, the neighbourhood enforcement team from slough […]

Developers cause distress for Colnbrook residents.


15 January, 2010 (01:43) | News | By: admin

As you may have noticed Colnbrook and Poyle has been developed quite a lot over the past few years, there are blocks of flats appearing all through the village. As you may have seen Fox Homes (Cape Corporation) are yet another developer who are knocking down 1 bungalow and garage, and on 7th June 2006 […]

Colnbrook Incinerator


14 January, 2010 (23:53) | News | By: admin

Colnbrook Incinerator – Radioactive and hazardous on our doorstep Many people are believed to be at risk after permission for the giant incinerator at Colnbrook was granted by Slough Borough Council and is now built. Thousands of people could contract lethal diseases from an incinerator that will produce all kinds of noxious gases, which can […]