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ColnbrookThe Village of Colnbrook is located in the South East of Slough and just to the West of Heathrow Airport. Colnbrook has been within the counties of Buckinghamshire, Middlesex and Surrey at one time or another. However today it is within the county of Berkshire. Colnbrook is believed to be named so because of the fact that it stands on four channels of the river Colne, although it has been said that it is named after a Thomas Cole who was a rich clothier from Reading who was murdered by the landlord of The Ostrich. This led to the landlord’s capture, and some believe it is this idea of a ‘Cole in Brook’ (his body was found in a brook close to the Ostrich) which inspired the name of Colnbrook.

Colnbrook began as a small village on the London to Bath Road (A4) and prospered from people traveling to and from London. Subsequently the main industry of Colnbrook was the coaching inns which most of the time acted as trading places or places for travelers to rest. The 3rd oldest inn in England exists in Colnbrook, The Ostrich, or ‘The Hospice’ as it used to be called. It dates back to 1106 when Milo Crispen laid its foundations. Colnbrook is also where the Cox’s Orange Pippin was first grown by a retired brewer named Richard Cox (1776-1845) around about 1825.

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